I've always had this fascination with dreams. In 2017 I started illustrating my dreams and a couple of my projects have been about mine, and other people's strange dreams. In 2018 I did a couple of screenprints about mine and my friends' dreams. 
1. Luisa: dreamt about me coming into her room and guarding her while she slept.
2. Salvatore: dreamt about meditating in a Japanese temple in the middle of a sewage system.
3. Yvet (me): dreamt about being a mob 'boss' and letting two buildings collapse. 
I had a dream where I went camping with my best friend Anne. She brought a big camper and great wine. Plot twist: I was a carpet and she was dead. 
1. Had a dream about me bathing with an alligator, who, by the way, had an afro-hairdo. 
2. Had a dream about cars flying off the Erasmus-bridge like it was their hobby. 

I dreamt my parachute malfunctioned and I fell to my death 
My s/o told me that, whilst sleeping, I sat up straight in bed and announced that "I'm the minister of cookies!"